With the arrival of the 2017, I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to each of you for the great work done in delivering a successful year for DGL.


A great variety of challenges, which we all managed successfully, and many wonderful moments of teamwork and “can do” attitude, shaped the year of 2016.  What we achieved last year was not only reflected by growth and returns, but also the way our employees go about doing things and the passion we show for our brands and businesses.  The remarkable examples achieved, the high motivation, the tireless energy and the great commitment are the essence of which we can all be proud of.


Looking ahead to the new year, I am confident about our growth strategy and our ability to lead our business to anticipate the future needs of our customers and consumers.  With our deep experience and a network of long term partners, we are well positioned to drive for further breakthrough.  Our performance raises expectations and each year we must challenge ourselves to grow and improve.  With a strong base to build upon, we will stay true to our values and create even more innovation and consumer centric experiences to bring another year of success.


I could not be more excited about what is in store for this year, and for the opportunity to work with all of you to make it happen.


I wish you and your families a healthy and prosperous Year of the Rooster.





在2016年,我们面临许多挑战,但我们运作得非常成功,并且拥有诸多团队合作的美好的瞬间以及大家“can do”的态度。去年的一年,我们的收获不仅仅反应在成长和回报上,同时还有我们员工开展工作的态度以及对品牌和业务呈现出的热情。卓越的成果、高昂的动力、不懈的努力以及巨大的投入度是我们为之自豪的资本。